Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set , 5 PCS Hand Forged Kitchen Knife Set With Leather Roll Kit , Best Kitchen Knives


Hand Forged Damascus Steel Chef Set 5-Pcs With Leather Roll Kit –  – Best Gift For Wife – Best Kitchen Knife Set – Best Chef Set
Overall Length of All Set (10.5+12.5+11.5+12.5+12.60)Inches (approximately)
Handle Length of All Set. (4.5+4.5+4.5+4.5+4.5)inches (approximately)
Blade Length of All Set. (6.0+7.5+7.0+8.0+8.10)inches (approximately)
Blade Thickness 4mm approximately
Blade Hardness 55-60 HRC Which Holds The Sharp Edge For Long Time.

Handle: Fabulous Different handle material Brass Bolster Pins/Mosaic Pin. Dollar  Sheet
Blade: This Piece of Art Has a Nice Hand Forged With the Combination of 15N20 and 1095 Carbon Steel
Sheath: A Top Quality thick and robust leather sheath will be included with this product.
Such a nice gift for Him and Gift for her .
Best place for storage is the place that wouldn’t absorb moisture from Damascus Steel as it should be lubricated (with coconut or mineral oil) and kept that way for it to last a lifetime without any Rust. Should any surface rust appear due to negligence of care, it can easily be wiped off with a mixture of Vinegar and Lime and re-coated with mineral or coconut oil (best food- safe lubricants for Damascus Steel thus Far)

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